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Undreamt Possibilities

True success lies in thinking beyond personal achievement and success. It is possible to live beyond what one can conceive only when the fruits of one's success can be shared with the rest of the village, state, and as a result the entire nation.

A wholesome upgrade of society on the economic, health, social, and moral fronts is key to sustainable growth. All of us must contribute what is within our means to all our neighbors, as generously as we do for ourselves. By making others happy, we will be happy. With god as our guiding force, the inherent happiness of the individual can be replicated across society and progressively across the globe.

During his study days in medical college, Dr. Pradeep Sethi received his first true push from two large-hearted businessmen; BD Patnaik of Joda and Bansidhar Panda of IMFA. Their generous donations helped the completion of his medical graduation. Through this divine assistance, Dr. Sethi was able to focus on his studies and get accepted into the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi for his post-graduation in Dermatology.

After achieving success as a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon with his brand Eugenix Hair Sciences, he decided to pursue his dream of bringing his divine Guru Sri Paramahansa Yogananda's vision into the heart and Soul of Odisha. The vision was clear enough to him through divine intervention at Rishikesh on the banks of the Holy Ganga river. Education was the answer and key to his paradigm shift from poverty to prosperity, and through education he set his mission to assist thousands of children, starting from his birthplace - Berunapadi Village.

The school for blending eastern spiritual values with western efficiency was first theorized by the divine master Paramahansa Yogananda over a hundred years ago first at Dihika and then later at Ranchi. On the lines of the teaching from his Guru, Dr. Sethi has set out to bring the same spiritual values into the Utkal Gaurav International School to be able to help others in dire need of high-quality education.

With each contribution from our donors and every drop of assistance from volunteers, management, and mentors, Dr. Sethi can translate this energy into truly helping the children at UGIS convert passion into a profession. Sri Paramahansa Yogananda's advocacy of all-around growth of body, mind, and soul remains the guiding principle of the school which is envisioned to one-day replicate the standards of ivy-league universities like Stanford and Harvard across the State and then later the country.


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between the “Developing World” and the “Developed World” using education as a medium, striking a perfect balance between the eastern spiritual values and western efficiency.

Empowering Women

Women are the backbone of society. At Utkal Gaurav, we lay emphasis on women in all our interventions so that they gain confidence and become the bread earners in their families.

State of the Art Infrastructure

Utkal Gaurav is building centres of excellence in the fields of Music, Dance, Yoga, Sports and Theater for a wholesome development of the kids.

Moral and Spiritual Values

Inspired by the life and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Utkal Gaurav aims to inculcate moral and spiritual values along with the latest in education.

Educational Facilities

Basic elementary education along with specialized training in Spoken English, Grooming, Personality Development, Music, Theatre, Yoga and Sports is at the core of Utkal Gaurav.

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